Monday, August 16, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

It's Monday again, so here's my "Mind Dump"

1. Being "tired" has a whole new definition, and I now know that I was never REALLY "tired" before a baby.
2. "sleep" has a whole new definition, and when I get to experience it, it is divine! Like my 1.5 hour nap just moments ago!
3. "eating" has a whole new definition, and one can get pretty creative with one hand!
4. My mom (who ALWAYS had a baby in her arms while I was growing up) was a master at grabbing things that fell on the floor with her toes...turns out, I was her apprentice and am becoming quite good at it too!
5. I Love Lucy comes on in the middle of the night, which makes pumping and feeding MUCH more enjoyable at 3 am!
6. My first field trip to Target was quite comical this week, and I'm sure that I gave everyone a good laugh as I was getting in and out of my car, and trying to maneuver through the store with a gigantic car seat and child (it didn't seem so big when I registered for it). I'm hoping the Kidd-o didn't suffer any major neurological damage!
7. The cashier lady asked how many MONTHS old the Kidd-o was, and was shocked to learn that he wasn't even 2 weeks old.
8. I'm hooked on the shows Teen Mom, and even worse...The Jersey Shore. Maybe it's my inner guidette, and that Italian in me feels like I'm watching "family"
9. I think it's cool that the Kidd-o has an Uncle Frankie...I think everyone should have an Uncle Frankie! Although this uncle is 16, not 65, he doesn't smoke cigars (at least to my knowledge), and he doesn't smell like salami, but probably smells like other things.
10. My FAVORITE baby product is the bulb syringe. The Kidd-o has some MAJOR bats in the cage, and I feel such relief when I'm able to suck those suckers right out...He doesn't like it very much, but I think he's grateful when it's over and I've been successful!
11. I promise that I'll try not to talk about the Kidd-o ad nauseum, but being that is ALL my world consists of at the moment, it's hard to steer clear from that subject!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE them all!! I love a bulb syringe...cleans them out! Funny about Uncle Frankie! I am proud of you getting out and about with a newborn!! Let's plan a date soon!!

  2. I feel the same way about having a close relative named Tony or Vinny... Uncle or Cousin... just that its a must.

    Your hospital bulb syringe is irreplaceable. No bulb syringe will ever be as good. See if you can score an extra one or two- trust me ;)

    I enjoy reading about him, so as far as I am concerned keep it coming!


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