Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I knew I was a selfish person before the Kidd-O, but I realize that I was even more selfish than I ever realized.
2. However, putting my baby first has been a joy and a blessing! So what if I can't blow-dry my hair until 3pm when I showered at 7am?
3. I kicked the Kidd-o out of our room over the weekend :( yes, this made me terribly sad.
4. I really dislike our video monitor. First off, it makes me sad to see him squirming around by himself. Secondly, the "night vision" reminds me of The Blair Witch Project or some other scary movie, and I think I'm going to see a ghost in the background. Lastly, it picks up some other kids bedroom from time to time, which is disturbing on a few levels, because if I can see some random neighbor's child, who can see mine??
5. I love Summer sooo much and hate when fall comes because that means winter is right around the corner, and I HATE winter...BUT, for some reason I'm looking forward to this fall. Maybe it's because it has been hotter than Hades??
6. I think it's pretty cool that if the Kidd-O is crying I can take him and he will stop. It's like I have actual magical powers! My husband is quite jealous of this ability, and I feel bad about it...kinda.
7. This 3 hour schedule I'm on is getting kind of old. I don't have time to complete a task in one sitting, and because I'm pretty ADD, I can't remember what I was doing before. Therefore, I have a million unfinished projects/chores.
8. I NEVER used to make my bed...EVER, but for some reason, all of a sudden, I want it made everyday. strange.
9. I got my first batch of sour peaches last week, that was a bummer.
10. We have been blessed to have meals brought to us this month, and we received some pitted cherries that were a b s o l u t e l e y divine. I never knew how much I liked cherries until they were pitted!


  1. Someone pitted your cherries? How nice!! That is crazy about picking up another monitors frequency! The b&w does look like you should be waiting for paranormal activity to just pop up!!

  2. You and the baby are so cute, Ash. I love reading your blogs and miss you guys so much! Can't wait to meet the Kidd-O :)
    Hope you get to blow-dry your hair! ha....
    love you
    - Jennie Lee.

  3. Wow you are bringing back so many memories of being a new mom! Hang in there - it does get easier, I promise. Just when I thought I might be ready to have another one, I read this, and think I am enjoying the moments of normalcy I have regained lately :-)


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