Friday, August 27, 2010

They Let Me Bring Him Home???!!!

Ok, so the first few days home with the Kidd-O were great, he was (and still is) a breeze! But it only took about 2 weeks for me to ask my self what the hospital was actually thinking!? They let me bring him home???!!!

I'm sure all parents (at least I hope it's not just me) have moments with their infant that they actually question their capability of doing this great task. I now wonder how any of us have made it out of childhood if our parents have screwed up in the ways that I have!

Here is the list of my shortcomings thus far:
  • After the Kidd-O's first nap in his own room, I found him with wet hair, I thought at first he was hot and sweaty, which really upset me, but then I realized it was spit-up! I began to cry, and put him right back in the bassinet next to my bed for the rest of his naps...hopefully I can muster up the courage to send him to his own room before he starts college.
  • After a full day of SCREAMING, no napping, and hardly eating an ounce (when he usually downs 4 oz. at a time), it finally dawned on me to check his bottle...there was a tiny fuzz ball stuck in the nipple hole. How it got there, I have no clue. I felt horrible the rest of the night wondering how on earth he wound up with a dummy like me for a mom!!!
  • As I was changing the poor kid's diaper, I noticed what seemed to be water all over his face! I looked around for what the culprit could be. My theory was that it was the sprinkler system (which apparently our home doesn't even have), only to realize he had pee'd in his face.
  • The next day, he did it again.
  • A friend asked if she could check my car seat to make sure it was installed correctly. thankfully she did, because my husband had latched and tethered the car seat to something that wasn't even a latch in my car. My car is so old it doesn't even have the latch I pretty much don't know what it latched it to!
I'm sure that this is only the beginning, which totally stinks, because it's been less than a month! But thankfully, God is sovereign and in control of all things, and I just pray that He protects my kid, even from the dumb mistakes his momma makes!


  1. One thing I keep telling myself (and now I'll tell you) is "if they could do this back in bible times, I can do it" :) you hit the nail on the head, the Lord is Sovereign!! And you have plenty of godly women surrounding you to help out, wish I was there to go through it with you!!(Im still learning too!) ;)

  2. Don't worry, babies have survived with much more damage than pee in their faces!! Remember Chris fell down the stairs, Jaimie crashed and burned on her Fisher Price trike! She also ate a bottle of Tylenol and still survived!!! You are right... God is in control and He knows all that has come, will come and He will protect you and your baby. Love to you!!!


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