Monday, February 7, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

I see you!

1. The best thing about the Super Bowl is that football is over and that means Spring is RIGHT around the corner!!!

2.Another reminder that Spring is right around the corner are the little lambies that are in the sheep pasture we pass on the way to church on Sunday mornings. I look forward to seeing these little sheep every single Sunday, the more babies means the closer to spring! At least that's my observation!

3. Do you ever think sometimes that things are going too well? I know of many people who are going through dark valleys right now and I often wonder why I have it so good. I have a very bad habit of worrying about why things are going well, and that I know it can't stay that way forever , so what is going to happen to change that??? Instead, I need to stop worrying about the things that could go wrong and be thankful for God's mercy and goodness!!! I'm constantly running Philipians4.8 through my brain:" Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things."

4. I realize #3 is kind of "heavy". Sorry.

5. Sooo, the past two weeks I've hinted at some changes that I can share now. You'll probably be highly disappointed, but it's good news in our house!!! After much prayer and consideration, Mr. Clean decided to leave his current job and accept another job offer. We have been so blessed by the company he has decided to leave (his boss is a sweet friend of ours), but it was not his cup-o-tea and we were all desperate for a change after a very challenging 6 months. That's all. Sorry if you were expecting something more "exciting".

6. Because Mr. Clean is changing jobs, we also have to switch health insurance providers, Sooo Mr. Clean told me to put on my "big girl pants" and actually call around and ask questions about things that I have no CLUE about!! He did write me a very detailed script to follow, which was helpful and I SURVIVED! I still don't know what the heck these people were telling me, but Mr. Clean also provided a fill-in-the-blank answer sheet to go along with my script..

7. Kidd-O is getting around pretty well these days by rolling, scooting, or army crawling to what he wants, which is always something he's not supposed to have : remotes, phones, or computer power cords (which he won't be playing with again). My life is about to get a little more interesting.

8. Smoothies are what I'm groovin' on these days....yummy in my tummy!

9. I hate when I take the time to paint my nails and then they just chip the second I screw the top back on.

10. Yankee candles are the best (I just bought Bahama Breeze scent and it's just what I needed to get me in a warmer weather mood), with Slatkin and Co. as a close second. Don't bother with the rest.


  1. I had a feeling it was a new job. I have to go check out that Yankee Candle scent. What I like is that the big jars (though expensive) last me FOREVER but the scent never fades. And as far as I am concerned, there is little better than a freshly made smoothie to start the day!

  2. I always wait until Yankee Candle has their big sales... it pays off and I also will stock up on "gift" items for teachers, colleagues, etc that way too!

  3. I agree! Spring cannot come soon enough! I also know what you mean about the insurance tho - I about died laughing when I called someone and found out that instead of a hmo I could use a "ppo." I know I'm being immature, but that just sounds funny to me.

  4. Your number 3 hit home cousin! I sometimes find myself in the same mindset - the "doomsday" mindset. But it is true, blessings come and God wants us to wholeheartedly accept them :)

  5. I love the house with the sheep! Ever since I first saw it I've always wanted to buy the house next door. Maybe one day ...

    and your news IS exciting ... Im so glad you could finally share!!!


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