Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Flashback!

At my BFF's request, I bring to you a Photo Flashback! Little league ball is gearing up in the next couple weeks, so I present to you one of my MANY softball pictures. This is the best one (believe it or not) I could find... the others should be burned immediately. I know that you can't see my face as it blends in with the white bat, white shirt, white turtleneck, and white shoes, but it's there...don't look too closely, please! Spring photo's should never be allowed since it's the first photo taken coming out of winter hibernation and everyone looks as if they are knocking on deaths door! Blech! I played softball (slow-pitch...yeah, the one that only 45 year old church men play) for 10 years! You would think in 10 years I might be pretty good, but you would be mistaken. My dad coached my team (The Diamond Dolls...what!What!) for a good portion of the time, and then he had son's and it was "sayonara, suckers!" And then I was on my own. My best friend was always on my team, and she was always better than me (yes, Amy, you were!), but it's ok...really! The one, and only time I was chosen for all-stars (I think I was 12) I didn't swing the bat a single time...not even once. I'm pretty sure my coach's blood pressure was through the roof that season!! He would also tell (or yell at the top of his lungs) me that I ran like I had a piano on my back. Needless to say, I never got a scholarship to play college ball, but I do look back on playing fondly. This time of year will forever remind me of ball season, the smell of using my dad's high school glove (which in true "Ashley form", I lost), eating french fries and big pickles...oh and drinking pink gatorade.

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