Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Profession of Love...

Many of you know Mr.Clean personally, and some of you only know what I have told you through my blog. He has given me a LOT of material to write about because we are extremely different. We are polar opposites. He has been a good sport though, as I have given him a hard time about his anal-retentive cleaning habits, his tight purse strings, and slow-pokeyness.But, since tomorrow is his birthday, I will go easy on him. I will tell you how he is the most loyal, hard working person I have ever known. I will also tell you that when he says he will do something, he's not just blowing smoke...it will get done. He is extremely trusting...almost to a fault, and that is because he is, hands-down, without a doubt, the MOST honest person you will EVER meet (sometimes too honest...those who know him can testify) and I think he believes everyone is as honest as he is, which unfortunately, isn't the case. When he does something, he gives 150% and holy moly, is he persistent (which we'll pretend is a positive quality today)!He may be the most unromantic person to hit this planet, but he loves me. He works his butt off so I can do what I love to do! He will do whatever it takes to support us and meet our needs. I will forever love him for working hard to pay for me to have all of my teeth (another post for another day).Mr. Clean has a year round, perfectly natural tan (NOT FAIR), awesome chocolate chip colored eyeballs, and his lashes are unbelievable (again, NOT FAIR)....yep, that's my Baby Daddy! And speaking of my baby, man does Mr. Clean love Kidd-O! Nothing delights my heart more than to see such a big, strong man so in love with a little, bitty bit! The joy on both of their faces when they see each other after a long day apart melts.my.heart! He is much better at some parental duties than I am and he possesses a lot of the patience I terribly lack. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry him for loving our baby so much!
My husband makes me laugh...even when he doesn't mean to, and hearing him laugh is one of my favorite sounds on earth. Because when he laughs, he means it! He is genuine and deliberate with everything he says or does. His loyalty is unmatched. He knows me better than I know myself. We fought hard for each other, and I'm glad we did! The past 10 years has been: fun, challenging, surprising, filled with personal growth, difficult at times, packed with joy and overflowing with laughter and happiness. I can't think of a better husband for me, father to my babe, or friend.Happy Birthday to My Love.
(No, he probably will not read this because he has yet to read any of my posts by his own will, but I will be sure to make him a copy.)


  1. this is so sweet! The pictures make my heart melt :) Something about a daddy and his little baby...always makes my heart pool on the floor.

    ps. my brother has the most amazing eyelashes too - it's a ridgway thing? ;)

  2. This is particularly sweet, Ash, along with the pictures (also very sweet). Take comfort in the fact that you know he loves you...I'm afraid 'romance' doesn't run in the Lee family;)You are by far the absolute best wife, best mother and best daughter in law anyone could ask for! We love you!!


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