Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Letter to All Daughter's-in-law...

Dear Fellow Daughter's-in-Law,

Recently I have become very aware that my son, my baby, will someday (if the Lord wills) be a husband. I will be a mother-in-Law. I am already a daughter-in-law and I have been blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law, I wish everyone were so lucky! However, I know many DIL's feel like they wound up with the wicked witch of the west....and maybe they did. But, as I have begun to reflect and think about a MIL's postion, I have become very aware of what that really means. What it means for me now, currently as a DIL, and what it means for my future as a...GASP...Mother-in-Law myself.Right now, in Kidd-O's opinion, I make the best PB&J's in the world, I know that he prefers ice in his drink, and I know what makes him laugh. I am his world. And for many years to come, I, his momma, will continue to be his world. No one will make a better Sunday dinner, no one will fold his laundry like me, I will be who he comes to for a hug when he falls, and eventually, for a moment, I will be the only girl in his life that he will allow to kiss his cheek, because all the other girls will have cooties.
Until she comes into his life.

When she enters, she will be his world. And there is only room for one. Which is the Lord's perfect design. But I'm sure for a mother, it takes some getting used to. She will make the best PB&J's. She will fold her clothes her way. She will give the best hugs. He will be hers. She will know it and I will know it.

Fellow DIL's, I encourage you to think about your MIL from a momma's perspective. She rocked her baby, got up with him every night, and she gave up that size 4 waist for him, and lets face it, he left her saggy and lumpy. She went without that haircut so he could have that new pair of basketball shoes. She read to him, sang to him, lost hours of sleep for him.She made him take a shower after she found out it had been 3 days since the last one, and she never missed a ball game. She gave him the best darn birthday parties she knew how, and she loved him more than anyone ever could. She still does. She had his heart, but now it's yours. Yeah, she may be freaking annoying to you, and the mere sight of her may drive you up a wall, but lets face it, she must have done something right! You love her baby. Thank her.Much Love to you Fellow DIL,
The Rookie

Thank you Robin, Gemma, Mrs. Lee, whatever your name is! Love you bunches!


  1. I've thought about this often since I had Chandler. Makes you look at it from a whole different perspective. Awesome post :)

  2. I don't know if I am just extra emotional today or what but this was such a sweet post and I am crying! :) I am SO thankful for my wonderful MIL! I wouldn't trade her for the world!!

  3. Will you please stop writing posts that make me cry?

  4. Good perspective, Ashley! You've definitely been blessed!!

  5. you are always making my eyes tear up :)

  6. I read this on the weekend, but can't post on my phone! This made me tear up! You are such a wise lady!

  7. Well, I'm ashamed to say I didn't see this till today! Guess with school starting up and all, I missed this one. Very sweet! I must say you are a great DIL and I (we) love you dearly! Not many women would/could put up with our son, who we also love! But are not blind to his weaknesses...just know he is still a work in progress (as we all are) and he will continue to grow. You are a wonderful mom and your son & husband are blessed to have you.....

  8. I think this is an amazing post; one I really did have to ponder. After I got past myself, I did see that my MIL did sacrifice A LOT for my husband, being the oldest of 4 kids very close in age. Sadly, our relationship with my husband's parents is a completely unhealthy episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and this was a good reminder that regardless of all the water under the bridge, my MIL DOES deserve respect due to any mom who loves her baby. ;)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I totally understand how annoying mother-in-laws can be! My mom has always struggled with my grandmother, but if anything, I hope this post can humanize her a bit and be an encouragement to you...even if it doesn't last long :) Thanks again for the comment and for stopping by!


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