Monday, August 8, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

The Birthday Party Edition!

1. Well, the party that I have been dreaming about for months has finally come and gone. It was almost exactly how I had imagined...I'm sure if I had more than $100 to spend on it I could have afforded to fly Mickey Mouse in himself, that would have been cool!
2. The menu consisted of Hot Diggity Dogs, Oh Toodles Noodle salad, Oh Boy! Baked Beans, and Daisy's Deviled Eggs (nothing literal about the last one, just an alliteration).
I was also determined to have bottled Coke, because I think parties are instantly better when the coke is bottled!
3. I REALLY wanted to have homemade ice cream but I realized it was going to be WAY too involved, so we settled for plain old ice cream out of the tub. But I did make sure to include whipped cream, chocolate, caramel, gummie bears...THE WORKS!
4. The decorations were anything I could scrounge up in my craft closet (did you hear my budget??), 3 yards of fabric, 2 rolls of ribbon, and a buttload (yes, this is a word even if spell check disagrees) of tissue paper from the dollar store. . I practically begged, borrowed and stole...except I didn't steal. Honest.
5. Kidd-O got more presents than he knows what to do with and one present that I don't know what to do with....
...thanks to my grandma. Just what every kid wants and what every parent doesn't. Love you Gokie!

6. I made his smash cake (did you see my budget??), and I thought it turned out pretty well! Cooper liked it too!

7. After he did his damage on the cake, the guys took him out back and hosed him down! What else are 'ya supposed to do?

8. And then I really wanted family pictures! Kidd-O did great...
..Until he didn't

9. Here's the video of us singing to him! We had been practicing for WEEKS since going to another party and him being scared to death of all the cheering. He was GREAT yesterday and all that practice paid off!!!

10. When I saw this picture I was taken aback. Where did my baby go?
He looks like such a big boy!
There it is! Kidd-O's first birthday party!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like a blast!! Wish I could've been there!

  2. Oh, my goodness! What an absolutely magical birthday! You did an AMAZING job! WOW oh WOW!

    Such a precious boy... Such a wonderful momma!

  3. Super cute decorating- I don't think you could have made it any cuter if you would have had $500 to spend! :)

  4. Love your blog and pics.


    Oh and your blog is my choice for blog of the month ;)

  5. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the introduction Courtney! Your pics are great. Happy Birthday Cooper. Love your style and humor :)

  6. Cool party. Cute baby. I came over from Storing Up Treasures and I like your blog.

    -Becky in NJ

  7. Curious how ou made the ears on the mickey cake? is it fondant?


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