Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday's Photo Flashback!

My Best Friend
I was told one late Summer day, before 1st grade, about a little girl my age who lived next door to the house we just moved into. Little did I know that the girl next door would become my best friend, my sister.
When I got home from the pool that summer day, I got an idea! Even though I am not a shy person, and never have been, I didn't quite feel comfortable walking right up to the door and introducing myself. Instead, I dug around the garage for things that might intrigue and "lure" the girl outside to be my friend. I brought hoola hoops, bubbles, jump ropes, even my hot pink "skip-it" right up to their living room window. I don't know if my tactic worked that day, but it didn't take long for us to become fast friends, to become sisters.

We would rush home after school to play
barbies, or make up dances to Beatles songs and watch Saved by the Bell. Our Summer days were spent at the pool and our Summer nights were spent watching movies, sharing secrets and giggling until even the moon was tired.
When we were too old for barbies, we rushed home to catch the newest NSYNC (who I loved) or Hanson (who she loved) music videos on MTV. We were inseperable. We played on the same softball teams, cheerleading squads, loved the same music and shows! We were just a like- we even looked alike, which was unfortunate in middle school, because we were NOT cute!
And even in High School when we had different friends, and maybe spent less time with each other, we always knew where we could find the other. Even when I made us late for school so much that we got suspended,We always remained the best of friends, we always remained sisters.
And now as adults, my best friend has remained by my side! She stood by me at my wedding, waited in the waiting room as I became a mom, and still goes with me to Disney World!

This coming Summer will mark 20 years of friendship. My best friend gets me, she gets me even when my husband doesn't. We're weird-o's, we're quirky. We were probably the only 18 year old's dressed head-to-toe in G.W Bush campaign apparel and we were probably the only 20 year old's who chose to vacation with my family at Disney, instead of Panama City with college kids our age, and I KNOW we were the only 25 year old's dancing our butt's off at the Rod Stewart concert. We are old souls who are obsessed with the holiday's, tradition, Christmas music, we both love Lucy, oldies music, and we are prudes...
My best friend is loyal and funny. We are more alike than different, and we know EXACTLY what the other is going to say before we even say it! She once told me in a card "You are the Lucy to my Ethel, the Laverne to my Shirley, and the peanut butter to my marshmallow fluff!" and I couldn't agree with her more! Happy Birthday, Amy, my best friend, my sister! I love you! Here's to 20 more years!!

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  1. AMAZING post to your bestie!! I just gave you an award on my blog!! Have a great weekend!!


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