Thursday, October 7, 2010

Penny Pincher

Opposites attract. At least that's the case for me and my husband. I'm messy, he's clean. I'm loud, he's more reserved. I'm excitable, he definitely isn't. I'm aloof, he's a doof...ok, that just came to my head and it made me giggle. I am aloof, but he's not a doof...sort of. I'm a spender, he's a saver. I'm thankful for our differences, it keeps things balanced and interesting...for the most part.My husband, Mr. Clean, we can also call El Cheapo. El Cheapo is in charge of our finances completely 100%. Which is the way I wanted it! Bills bore me! Like I've said before, I have no clue how much our mortgage payment is. Ultilities? Beats me! When I was working, I wasn't even sure how much my paychecks were ( I KNOW! I KNOW! I need to be more proactive and get in the loop for reasons such as accountability or death, or just for my well being). This has worked for us so far because I've never held a dollar I wouldn't love to spend, and cash just burns a hole right through my little pocket. I'll buy anything! And since I've been married, for almost 4 glorious years, my wallet hasn't seen much cash flow-age. Which is probably a good thing! We probably wouldn't have a house, or our cars, or furniture, or food if I were in charge

We rarely go out to eat like, less than once a month. Movies? Maybe once every 3 or 4 months. And since we got a house we have totally different opinions on how our money should be spent. I like to go and do, he likes to stay and do. I'd rather go on a trip, he'd rather crown molding. And when birthday or Christmas cash comes our way, he'd rather pay bills with it. That's all fine and dandy if he want to do that with HIS Christmas cash, but he wants mine too!! And that is exactly why I have had to petition our family for gift cards only when giving ME a gift. El Cheapo isn't aware that I have let the family in on his financial frugalities and he is always a tad bummed when I get that old navy gift card instead of cash. But, it works for me! He gets his cash, and I get what I want: for him to keep his penny pinching fingers to himself!Because El Cheapo knows where every cent goes (via Quicken) AND he denies my many frivolous requests for Starbucks, magazines, nail polish, or McDonald's (I love McDonald's and he hates it because he's also a health nut), I have to take matters into my own hands. I stock pile nickels, dimes and quarters...that's right, I scrimp, save and scrounge around for spare change better than any beggar on the street, just so I can have the occasional burger and fries without using my credit or debit card. Sad, I know!

But, before you feel too bad for me, I have a strong suspicion that El Cheapo is on to me, and I think he finds some amusement in watching my creative ways of coming up with $2.50. I even think he may leave some change around like giving a mouse some cheese. THE GOOD NEWS IS: because El Cheapo started this new job, we aren't quite as poor as we were before, and he's loosening his purse strings a bit! I'll be getting an allowance of "blow money" soon, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Imagine what I can do with more than 2$ in nickles!!!


  1. Nice! My husband likes to use extra cash on paying bills too, but he isn't such a stickler that we don't splurge here and there.

  2. See, left to DH, we'd be hugely in debt. Mostly because we are both spenders and if we each know there is a spare $50 in the bank we each run out and spend $75 without telling the other. So once I left work to be a SAHM I had to take over the finances or we'd have no savings at all. 8 years later, mostly he remembers to call before spending more than $10 because he has no idea how much money is available. I went totally online with banking & bill pay & he doesn't have a password.

    So he is very very nice to me because he knows I could totally clean him out if we separated and he'd need that $500 as a security deposit on an apartment.

    Stopping by from the SITS tribe

  3. this is my favorite post! haha I miss you and the El Cheapo! I am also one to scrounge for some change to get me taco bell! :)

  4. Ha, ha, I love his title, "El Cheapo." My husband and I are the total opposite, he is the messy one and I am the neater one. In our house, I'm the one who handles the finances and has a better head for money. Having said that, however, we both work and we keep our money separate. We come together to pay bills but we each have our own money. I find that this has really worked for us because I don't have to explain to him how I spend my money and I don't control what he does with his as long as he pays his part of the bills. I am passing by from the Oink Tribe and leaving my footprints. I would love to add you to my followers.

  5. You crack me up! Carl and I have three different bank accounts.....his money, my money, and our money. It so works for us!


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