Friday, October 1, 2010

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. why is it that the second I get in the shower, or hook myself up to the pump does Kidd-O start screaming?!
2. I survived a whole week on my own while Mr. Clean was away on business!
3. Kidd-O is 2 months old, officially weighing in at 13lbs. 9 oz, and 24 1/2 in. long! 75%in both categories.
4. Mr. Clean and I noticed that there are hardly any toy commercials these days! Maybe there are, but it doesn't seem like there are any cool toys like we had back in the day!
5. Are the "words" you have to type for the the word verification thing when leaving a comment real? Like pichons? Subeld?Mallowar?if not, then why is it called WORD verification???
6. Ok, I had my taste of fall, I want summer back!7. I'm wondering if my belly button will ever look like it used to again. I'm thinking that's a negative
8. I'm really tired of stubbing my toe. I do it all the time and have done it since I was small! I always seem to stub it the day after I paint my nails, or better yet, when I paid 45$ for a pedicure.
9. The swing is the greatest invention of all time! hands down. without it, you really can't enjoy any other invention fully if you have an infant, unless you don't mind the screaming, or unless your kid naps...which mine doesn't
10. I have to brave Costco again this week...y'all know how much I love that!


  1. These are great! Sometimes I can't even read the word's no so bad on blogs but like ticketmaster...dang they make it horrible!!

    Wow...a week alone!! WAY TO GO!! (not screaming...encouraging)

    No M'am about Summer again...too hot!!

    I love Costco although you are toally right about all that is wrong with it! haha You should come to Costco by me and I will help you through it...but run through there! haha

  2. That comment above is blog was created under my maiden name account and I was signed in as Lisa.werginz! I don't know how to merge them! haha

  3. yeah, I can't help you out with that, you know me and computers :) lol!

  4. Every time I go to shower or eat, one of my kids always needs me. I think its just part of being a mom (LOL).

  5. I think it's a global conspiracy amongst our children that they suddenly need something as soon as we start something new. It makes me crazy!

  6. i had the best capcha on craigs list- release schizophrenics. i swear i'm not lyin'!

  7. Ugh - I feel your pain. My husband started traveling every week when my 2nd was 2 months old... and 2 years later, he still is... it's tough with young ones and a husband who travels. Very tough. Love your list. Sorry about the belly button... I had an inny pre-kids and it's an outie now.

    Oh and I started Crossfit when my 2nd was 1 year old and still nursing... I think I started working out regularly when he was 10 months old, and it didn't affect supply at that time, but I was nervous it would. A year into Crossfit, the milk supply is still there... ;-) Love your blog!

  8. Haha! I am wondering the same thing about my belly button! Good luck at Costco. And great job with the week alone. That is an accomplishment. My husband flew to FL for one day and I drove straight to my parents after I dropped him off at the airport. Maybe I will brave it next time.


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