Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/2 Way To 1!

6 months. Half of a year. 1/2 way to 1. My Kidd-O, my lump of love, my scooby doo, my little angel baby is six months old. In some ways it feels like he's been here my whole life, and in other ways, time is flying by so fast that I don't want to blink for fear of missing something. Gone are the days of swaddling him, he no longer fits in his swing, and our midnight rendezvous's have come to an end. I never thought I would miss those midnight feedings, but I do. I miss the quiet of the night, rocking my boy. I knew that stage wouldn't last forever, and each evening I wondered if it would be the last, so I held him tight just a few minutes longer. I pray that I will be blessed with more kids, so I can savor those sweet moments a couple more times!!
I could rattle off 6 months worth of milestones he has reached, tell you how he loves banana's, and that his favorite thing to do is jump in his johnny-jump-up (best 20 bucks I ever spent), but I think all that matters is that he's happy. He is the happiest, most smiley Kidd-O ever! We are so blessed to have a little boy that is so full of joy and laughter and he is filled to the rim with personality. He loves people and is extremely friendly...this is starting to sound like an ad for a puppy. Seriously though, the #1 question I'm asked about him is: Is he always this happy?? And the answer "yeah, pretty much!" But don't get me wrong, he can be foul! He has a mighty temper...
...But those moments, praise the Lord, are short lived and nothing that a little song (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, comes to mind) and dance can't fix...then it's back to the smiles. This kid smiles with all of his might!
Kidd-O may not know how to take a nap worth beans, and we have yet to have 2 consistent days in a row, but the joy he has brought to my life and to Mr. Clean's makes it worth it! He has taught us a lot about patience, selflessness, flexibility and unconditional love. I know that I'm a more compassionate person because of him and the love I have for my husband has grown tenfold since our babe joined our family...and that's all in just 6 months!
6months. Half a year. 1/2 way to 1.
"Baby, you are the best thing that ever happened to me!"
-Ray Lamontagne


  1. What a wonderful story about your happy man. I was very relieved to see that you did capture a few pictures of your little man in a bad mood. I hope he stays a happy kid and man.

  2. Happy Half-Birthday, Cooper!!! You are the happiest baby I've ever known!

  3. like you said above...i feel like he has been here forever but as the same time i cant believe he is already 6 months!!

  4. ok and that was not frankie...that was andie


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