Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Evolution of Cooper to Lumpy....

As I've mentioned before, I am the oldest of 8 kids, and in our family, we are no strangers to nick names. We have always taken a name and just go runnin' with it! For Instance, my my brother Sammy somehow has ended with the name Flambodia, my sister Francesca was called ChexieWexie or Chesabellarosamaria, and my sister Davianna has been known to be called Fluffyianna, which morphed into Fluffy Stuffy. So, it is no surprise that my little Kidd-o has had lot's of names to go by...I'm not quite sure how he will ever know what his real name is!

I learned this week that this may not be the most normal practice in the world when I posed the question to the mommies in the playgroup we attend. I realized I was calling Kidd-o one of my many names, so I asked the others if they call their kids any strange names...I think there was one other mom who did.

So, here it goes. The many names of Cooper:

which turned to Coopie,
then Coopie Pie,
then Coopie Doo,
then Scoopy,
Scoopy Doo,
Scooby Doo,
then we watched the Grinch,
which introduced Scoopy Lou Who,
at some point I picked up Angel Baby,
then Angel Baby Love (to which this name has it's own song),,
then little lubbers (which is "baby" talk for lover),
then I noticed he has boxy feet,
thus introducing Boxy Toe Boy,
And keeping with the Christmas theme I didn't want him to be a Sugar Plum Fairy(that's girly),
so I came up with Sugar Lump,
Which finally turned into Lumpy Love...then just Lumpy.

There ya have it. The Evolution of Cooper to Lumpy.

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  1. we're the same... clover, brian, our dogs and i all have about 10 names each ... haha we can start the trend ;)

  2. That is hysterical. The Akinses are the king and queen of nicknames in our family. Our dog , Moose for example goes by...
    (Those come from his Fu-manchu hair)
    Foo Foo the Monkey Dog
    Mr. Fu-fu

    My kids would die if we shared their names.

  3. We are bad about nicknames too! We went through a ton for each other 10 yrs ago when we started dating but ended with just "boo" or "booboo" which we call each other ALL THE TIME. Even when we have company over (on accident - it just comes out). Alan morphed it into "Boo-fus" for me. Alan also calls Neiv "Neiv it to Beaver" and Abra "the Broccoli" or "the Broccoloni" which I hate. I call them Sweet Pea and Neivikins. Oliver's nicknames are still in the formation stage... :-)

  4. whew! I'm glad we are not the only ones!!!


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