Monday, January 24, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. I'm reformed. I used to hate The Office, but I have seen the light, and now love it. Just in time for Steve Carell to leave. Go figure.

2. Mr. Clean looks like Nigel Barker. In case you don't know who Nigel is, he is a judge on America's Next Top Model and a fashion photographer.3. I've started feeding Kidd-O solid foods, and it is HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE for me NOT to open my mouth when I put the spoon to his mouth, and then close it and swallow in unison with him. Kinda like keeping your mouth wide open when applying mascara. What is up with that??
4. Besides being the cleanest, most anal, and sarcastic person on the face of the Earth, my husband is also the s.l.o.w.e.s.t moving person EVER. He does not know the meaning of "hustle" or "hurry". I can get myself ready, our child ready, make breakfast, start lunch in a crockpot, start the car, paint a room, go to the grocery store, read the Federalist Papers, and write a summary about it, and we would STILL be waiting on him on Sunday mornings.

5. And don't even get me started about playing a game with him. You will be there for DAYS while he thinks through his next move or Scrabble word.

6. I hate my big fat mouth sometimes...ok, all the time. It's probably my biggest flaw...along with a million other things, but my mouth, ugh, it's really annoying. I say many things that make my hiney sweat after (I'm sure many of you are nodding along, totally agreeing...eek, that's embarrassing...sorry).

7. I fell up the stairs yesterday. I had a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of OJ in hand...oops. I didn't get hurt, but it did get all over the carpet. Haven't broken the news to Mr. Clean yet, but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon enough.

8. I never really liked when people would say they had an "unspoken prayer request," I never knew what to do with that information, but I sort of have one today. I'll let y'all in on it later this week. And no, I'm not pregnant mom!

9. I'm going to introduce you all to Pookie this week. You should be very excited.

10. If you type "Puck Wedgies" into Google, my blog is the 2nd page to pop up! Pretty cool huh? Ok, not really. But, my blog has been viewed 256 times because people want to find out more about what a "Puck Wedgie" is. I'm fairly positive that they left knowing less about them than when they came. This is what they found.

P.S FYI, golden oreo's are the bomb...they are waaay better than the chocolate ones. I realize that I talk a LOT about junk food, but hopefully that will be changing soon when I FINALLY get back in the gym...maybe. Ok, probably not, but it will make me feel less guilty about eating the garbage I do. After all, that is why gym's were invented, right??

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  1. He does look like Nigel! haha
    The prayer thing throws me off too but we will for you! I love the shout out to your mom about not being pregnant! haha


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