Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Monday Mind Dump...

1. This past weekend was wonderfully perfect...aside from all the mucus and tissues. We sat outside and soaked up the sun as long as we possibly could! We cranked up the music, much to our neighbor's disdain (another post for another day), and enjoyed the much needed sunshine!

2. I was going to join a gym today, but because I'm indecisive, I decided to just order P90x and now I feel like the biggest moron on the planet for paying full price instead of checking Craigslist first. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid....have I said STUPID???!!!

3. I got back to scrapbooking last week, but I've never been able to afford all the stickers, papers, embellishments and stamps... as a matter of fact, it's all a bit overwhelming for me, so I just doodle. All I need are markers and an album and I just doodle away!4. I realized today that I need to TRY to be a little more "eco-friendly". My Costco list today was the following: Toilet paper, Paper towels, paper plates, diapers, wipes, plastic cups, and plastic cutlery. Somewhere out there is a forest crying...or at least a tree hugger. But in my defense, I have adopted the "green" grocery bags to eliminate plastic bag waste.

5. There are some changes that are happening in the Mr. Clean household in the next couple weeks...and no, I'm not pregnant mom;)
6.I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't like winter! It's a good thing Februgly is the shortest month of the year!!


  1. this is the 2nd post that you've written something cryptic ending with "and no Im not pregnant, mom" IM SO CURIOUS! what was your unspoken prayer request you said you'd share later? and WHAT are the upcoming changes?!?! what?!?!?!? us poor california folk dont see you in person to get the details :(

  2. 1) I love the first photo of Cooper. A boy and his Raybans!

    2) What is with the tease? How dare you! But I so can't wait.

  3. eh, don't hold y'alls breath. It's not HUGE news, just news that I'm not at liberty to divulge it yet. lol

  4. Ashley- I love your shots! Your little guy is too cute!!! Do you mind if I ask what kind of lens/camera you use or what editing program?? BTW I'm a P90Xer and if you can get past Tony"s goofy-ness its a pretty good workout! Good luck with it!! :)

  5. Thanks! Actually, the above shots were taken with my little old nikon coolpix, but I've been using a nikon d40 for most other shots. I use Picasa to edit...I CAN'T WAIT to upgrade both in the next month or two! I'm lookin' at the nikon d90 and lightroom for the editing. I'm just a baby at this photography stuff!

  6. Wow you're quick to respond!!!Thanks! Have you looked into the D5000? If you haven't, compare the two- everything I've read on and say they are very comparable (body only). I would suggest buying the body and getting a lens seperate, not the kit lens.It's basically the D90 sensor in a less "professional" casing...and much less $$! I bought the 5000 last year and love it :)

  7. I will DEFINITELY look into that! Thanks for the advice! I need all I can get!


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