Monday, March 21, 2011

Andie Shea!

I had a friend growing up that had the BEST big sister EVER! She was so nice, she would drive us to the mall, take us to eat, chat with us and she just loved her little sister. I always looked up to her and hoped that I could be a big sister like that. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case...I was the complete opposite.

I was almost 5 when I got my first sister. Andie Shea was and is everything I'm not. She is generous, kind, selfless, she prefers others more than herself, and she can be pretty shy. And boy, was she the most beautiful baby too! WAY cuter than yours truly (it's true, just ask my mom)! All of those great qualities really "cramped my style" when we were younger.I don't have many regrets, but the ones I have are because of the way I treated my little sister. If I could go back in time, I would most certainly change how I treated her. I cringe when I think back on those times, when I think about my selfishness and impatience. Thankfully, I believe I was more like the sister I wanted to be to my other 6 siblings, and that's only by the Grace of God.

Andie is 21 today. A real adult. It is hard for me to accept that she is a grown-up, because I still think of her as that little girl who LOVED The Wizard of Oz, and would dress up as Dorothy DAILY, complete with ruby slippers and a basket for ToTo!It has taken a while for our relationship to mend, but I think it's healing quite nicely. She is a GREAT aunt to Kidd-O, and in true "Andie form", she has selflessly given of her time to watch Kidd-O whenever I've been in a jam. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and I'm proud to have her as a sister and now, a friend. The world definitely needs more Andie Sheas!
Happy Birthday, Andie Shea! Enjoy your day!

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