Thursday, March 31, 2011

Po' Man's Lemonade....

Coming from a family of 8 kids we NEVER ate out (which is one of the reasons we were able to go to Disney World so often) and when we did, we only ordered water. We would never dream of ordering anything but water. As a matter of fact, when the server came to our table, my mom would just say "we'll have 10 waters". I don't even know if the little ones know that restaurants serve anything BUT water. And IF by chance my mom buys a case of coke at home, it is gone within the hour and then, that's it, no more, you won't see it again until she has a coupon.

This frugal tactic has been extremely effective because the kids will choose water over soda 9 times out of 10 (it would be me or my brother Sammy who would choose a coke), and because I married El Cheapo, we have adopted the same rule. And since this has been a way of life for almost 26 years, I have found a yummy way jazz up my ice cold glass of FREE water!

The Rookie's Po' Mans Lemonade:
ask for a glass of ice cold (FREE) water
ask for lemon
look on the table for some splenda (not sweet-n-low...blah. and not real sugar, because it won't dissolve)
and VOILA!
Kidd-O wishes you a Happy Friday!

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