Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Hot Mess...

I'm a mess. A hot mess. Pretty much anything I touch will break or stain, and will eventually be lost or ruined. I average several "Oops, did I do that?" incidents per week, and it has just become a way of life. Mr. Clean has come to expect and accept my clumsiness.

And when Mr. Clean's epic. His "Oops, did I do that?" incidents are far and few between, but boy are they doozies! Like buying a car on Ebay, sending the seller 3,000 dollars, never to see the car or his money ever again. Or like asking the "one armed ninja" at Halloween if a Samurai chopped his arm off, only to have the kid reply: It's a birth defect.

Unfortunately, both of us surpassed our weekly "Oops!" quota this weekend. And they were some for the books...or my blog.

Even Kidd-O agrees...his parents were big fat dummy's this weekend...

I had the opportunity to meet The Pioneer Woman (a very famous lady in the blog-o-sphere...check her out, she's pretty darn cool) on Friday. I bought her new book for her to sign, waited in a very long line for a ticket, and then waited in an even longer line with a sweet friend from church to meet PW, had her sign my book in like 1.2 seconds, and we went on our merry way....The next morning I needed to run an errand, when a gentleman who pulled up next to me was waving at me....I waved back(??)...he asked me to roll my window I did. He then informed me that something that resembled a book had flown off the top of my car....of course it did...That's just what happens in my world.

Mr. Clean helped me fetch it, and this is what I got:
It's not too's definitely readable still. Oh but WAIT, it gets better!!!

The next "Fail" happened within minutes of the recovery of my book, when Mr. Clean thought it would be a good idea to fix the leak that has been coming from our ceiling. My husband is great at anything he does...just about. However, he's not the most handy man in town, but not because he doesn't know how to be handy, he just lacks experience. That is exactly why I heard what sounded like Niagara Falls coming from my dining room... My husband, bless his heart, had cut the water line to our house...without turning the water off first. My dining room was under water. Gallons upon gallons of water came out of those pipes. My antique china cabinet, antique table and chairs, all of the walls, and every inch of carpet received a nice and loooong spring shower. When I stepped on the carpet a nice puddle of water would rise and envelope my toes. And what was a 1x1 ft. repair, is now a MUCH larger area. I wish I had gotten a picture, but Mr. Clean is glad I didn't. He's still kicking himself and isn't really in the mood to talk or laugh about it yet.

I wish that was the end of it...unfortunately it wasn't.On Sunday, I went to edit some photo's from a maternity photo shoot I did recently, only to find that all of my photo's were gone and the recycling bin was empty. They were gone...all of them. I called everyone I could, and googled for help...nothin'... my pits were dripping with actually rivaled our Niagara Falls incident...

So late last night, while drenched with sweat, and blubbering like an idiot, I had to make the dreaded phone call to one of my very first clients and inform her that her pictures were gone... with the exception of one.

Luckily, she was so kind and gracious and I'll be re-doing the photoshoot this week...that is if she's still pregnant by Thursday.

Lessons Learned: NEVER put anything on top of my car, DEFINITELY hire a plumber, and ALWAYS back-up important pictures or documents and find a better antiperspirant!!!

Have a great week and let's keep those "Oops" moments at a minimum!


  1. Bless your heart. What more can be said. I am so sorry to hear about your weekend.

  2. Wow! Poor thing! You need to talk to Katie about the water damage. I believe the same thing happened in her parents' house last year!

  3. You have truly been reincarnated as I Love Lucy! Gotta love ya!

  4. Who did your photo shoot?! I love your pics and sorry for all your mishaps this weekend...they sound like no fun at all!

  5. Thanks you all!

    Lisa, my sis-in-law took these with my new beautiful camera! She did great job! We had sooo much fun!

  6. What can I say, except, "Oh dear" ;) and tell my son to develop a better sense of humor:)


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