Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop This Train....

I mentioned in a previous Monday Mind Dump that sometimes I worry about life going too well. Ya know, wondering when all the "stuff" is gonna hit the fan, because surely life can't be this good all the time? My mind has been consumed with worry about what might happen to thwart all of this goodness. I am amazed at how the Lord has blessed my little family, but what's more amazing is how the Lord blesses us even when I am so unfaithful...so undeserving. Knowing how incredibly undeserving and sometimes, I shutter to say, ungrateful I am of all of His gifts, makes me think even more...Lord, what kind of lesson are you about to teach me? I am sitting on pins and needles wondering when and if He's going to teach me a "Job-like-lesson" and let my house burn down, allow my new, way-too-beautiful-for-me car to be stolen, or heaven forbid, letting a terrible illness creep into our lives....Yikes! I just want to press the "pause" button on life. Stop this train.
I know this way of thinking is not healthy. Not only is it not healthy, it's wrong. I should not worry about what could happen in the future (matt 6:24), I ultimately have no control over what happens tomorrow! Instead, I need to dwell only on things that are true, right, pure, and lovely (phil 4:8). And that's what I will aim to do! Because Life is oh-so-lovely right now.I want to be thankful for everything I have been given! I want to soak up every bit of the goodness...just sop it up like a hunk of bread in my Mema's sauce. I want to gather all of the little yummy bits, and save them in my pocket in case those storms do come. And if those storms do come, I know that I can rest on the fact that I will not be tested with more than I can handle (1 Cor. 10:13). It is well with my soul.

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