Thursday, March 17, 2011

I didn't find a four leaf clover...

But I did find a heart shaped chip!
And boy do I love some chips!
But not just any chips.
potato chips!
I typically like plain old LAYS.
Not ruffles, not doritos, definitely not pringles, not sams club, nor any other brand. Not sour cream and onion, not sour cream and cheddar, not bbq, but sometimes salt-n-vinegar.
I like PLAIN, "bet-ya-can't eat-just-one," LAYS!
I like to see the bag being opened with my own 2 eyeballs, and usually won't eat from a bag that is more than a week old.
They are best with PB&J's...and a cold glass of milk.
However, I have been mackin' on some kettle cooked, sea salt and cracked black pepper chips.
With an ice cold coca-cola classic (never pepsi, or big K, or sams club, or diet anything).
Even more yum.
Love 'em,
and they love me too!

Oh, and no one is paying me to say these things...although that would be cool if they did.

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